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Our newest product the Auto-Deflat-Aer has been designed and developed to address the problem of reducing aircraft wheel assembly pressure from the operating/test pressure to a lower pressure for the purpose of storage or shipment by air.  Like our other deflator products the Auto-Deflat-Aer also contains an integral sintered bronze silencer to enable the tyre deflation process to be performed at a significantly lower noise level.


The basic Auto-Deflat-Aer kit Part Number 320010-AB contains two wheel valve adapters, namely Model 1 and Model 2.


The Model 1 adapter can be used on wheels fitted to large aircraft including the Airbus A330, A340, A350 & A380 and Boeing B747, B767, B777 & B787 Dreamliner aircraft.


The Model 2 adapter can be used on the smaller aircraft such as Airbus A320 Series, Boeing B737 Classic & NG, B757, Embraer E-170 and E-190 Series, Bombardier CSeries, CRJ  Series,  ATR  42, 72 and ATR-600 Series,


The Auto-Deflat-Aer contains adapters which ensures that it can handle every wheel valve  fitted to any aircraft currently operating throughout the world.


The Easi-Deflat-Aer models provide an      alternative to the Saf-Deflat-Aer for allowing un-attended deflation of aircraft wheels.  The tools  contain a threaded attachment which allows the tool to be screwed onto the  external threads of the aircraft wheel Schrader valve.  Deflation takes somewhat longer than the Saf-Deflat-Aer because the valve core is not removed in the process.  Deflation occurs when the spindle in the tool depresses the valve core to allow the nitrogen to escape.

Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw On Version

Our Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw On is the latest addition to our product range. It is based on the original Saf-Deflat-Aer design.   It combines the valve core release feature from the original design coupled with a threaded fitting to allow it to be screwed onto the external threads of the Schrader wheel valve.  It has essentially the same deflation time  as the original Saf-Deflat-Aer tool, combined with the more practical and dependable screw on attachment.


Two models are available to cater for all aircraft wheel valve combinations.  Model 1 Part No. 320008A-SO (R) and Model 2 Part No. 320008B-SO (R) are available for Large Bore and Standard Bore Schrader wheel valves, respectively.




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