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Our newest product the Auto-Deflat-Aer has been designed and developed to address the problem of reducing aircraft wheel assembly pressure from the operating/test pressure to a lower pressure for the purpose of storage or shipment by air.  Like our other deflator products the Auto-Deflat-Aer also contains an integral sintered bronze silencer to enable the tyre deflation process to be performed at a significantly lower noise level.


The basic Auto-Deflat-Aer Part Number 320010-AB contains two wheel valve adapters, namely Model 1 and Model 2.


The Model 1 adapter can be used on wheels fitted to large aircraft including the Airbus A330, A340, A350 & A380 and Boeing B747, B767, B777 & B787 Dreamliner aircraft.


The Model 2 adapter can be used on the smaller aircraft such as Airbus A220-100/300, A320 Series, Boeing B737 Classic/NG/MAX, B757, Embraer E-170/E-190 Series, Bombardier CSeries, CRJ  Series,  ATR  42, 72 and ATR-600 Series,


The Auto-Deflat-Aer contains adapters which ensures that it can handle every wheel valve  fitted to any aircraft currently operating throughout the world at the present time.


The equipment permits pressure reduction within the range 05 psig and 100 psig.  For example, reduction of pressure for Boeing aircraft wheels is typically to 50 psig and for Airbus aircraft wheels it is typically to 2.0 Barg (29 psig).

A newer version, which was developed in partnership with Qantas Airways Engineering, is also available.  This new kit is preset in the factory to 2 Barg (29 PSIG) using a tamper resistant feature  which prevents adjustment in the field.  The part number of this kit is 320010-PT29.  The kit also contains a special adapter to enable use on the wheels of the Airbus A380 aircraft.


An overview and demonstration video of the ADA PN 320010-PT29 Kit is  available on our News Page.


If the Kestrel Engineering Ltd Easi-Deflat-Aer is used, the escaping nitrogen passes through the integral silencer and the maximum noise level experienced is then only 94 dBA.  The noise level will continue to be reduced as the unattended tyre deflates.   Within a short space of time the tyre is completely deflated.  The Easi-Deflat-Aer is easy to use.  It is threaded to easily screw onto the outer threads of the aircraft tyre stem.  A spindle, which is an integral part of the tool then depresses the valve core to lift it off its seat. This results in the compressed nitrogen escaping through the integral silencer.


The Easi-Deflat-Aer is the low cost alternative to the existing Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On tool, and is designed to allow safe and silenced unattended aircraft tyre deflation, without the need to completely remove the valve core at the same time.  Kestrel Engineering Ltd can provide two models of Easi-Deflat-Aer, both of which are suitable for use for tyre pressures up to 280 psig.


Model 1 is compatible with the large bore Schrader valves used on aircraft such as the Boeing B747, B767, B777, B787 Dreamliner, DC10, MD11, Airbus A300, A330, A340, A350 & A380.

Model 2 is compatible with the standard bore Schrader valves used on the Boeing 757, 737 Classic/NG/MAX, 717, Airbus A220-100/300, A320 Series, Bombardier & Embraer Regional Turboprops and Jets.

Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw On Version

The Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw On Version is the latest addition to our product range. It combines the valve core release feature from the Saf-Deflat-Aer design coupled with a threaded fitting to allow it to be screwed onto the external threads of the Schrader wheel valve. It has the same deflation time as the Saf-Deflat-Aer and has a more practical, dependable and secure method of attachment using a screw on attachment.


The benefits and operation are essentially as described above for the Saf-Deflat-Aer with the sole exception that the method of attachment is by means of a threaded fitting rather than a Schrader clip on chuck.


Kestrel Engineering Ltd can provide two models of Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw On, both of which are suitable for use for tyre pressures up to 280 psi. Model 1 Part No 320008A-SO is compatible with the large bore valves used on aircraft such as the Boeing B747, B767, B777, B787 Dreamliner, MD11, Airbus A300, A330, A340, A350, and A380. Model 2 Part No 320008B-SO is compatible with the standard bore valves used on aircraft such as the Boeing B737 Classic/Next Generation/MAX, B757 and Airbus A220-100/300, A320 Series aircraft fitted with standard sized Schrader wheel valves.  Model 2 can also be used on the standard sized Schrader valve fitted to almost all other smaller commercial aircraft manufactured by ATR, Bombardier, British Aerospace and Embraer.





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