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Aer Lingus Wheel Change Truck

The photo shows the Aer Lingus Wheel Change Truck Number Two in Hangar No. 6 at Dublin Airport.  The WCT is shown in the lowered working position.  The WCT contains all the materials, tools & nitrogen supply to ensure that aircraft wheel change operations are performed in the most efficient manner.  We are pleased that our Saf-Deflat-Aer Model 1 tool is stored in the tool cabinet to ensure it is close at hand to deflate the aircraft wheel to enable a safe removal to be accomplished.

The Aer Lingus Wheel Change Truck tool cabinet contains the Kestrel Engineering Ltd Saf-Deflat-Aer Model 1 tool.

Mazeres Aero Equipment

Mazeres Wheel Shop Procedures include use of the Kestrel Engineering Ltd Saf-Deflat-Aer Model 1 (Part Number 320008A) as the first step in the wheel servicing process.


This ensures that the Mazeres staff members have the benefit of a safe deflation operation and a significantly reduced noise exposure.


                               Mazeres Aero Equipment

                    4 Avenue Clement Ader

                  Colomiers, France 31770

                       Phone: +33 5 62 74 87 60


Westjet Improve Safety For Their Engineers

Since unserviceable  B737NG tire assemblies require to be fully deflated before removing the axle nut, Westjet Tech Ops Safety has sourced two options for AMEs to use to deflate the tires safely and efficiently. AME's were asked to select which tool they would prefer to use when removing an unserviceable tire. The deflator that was best reviewed would then be purchased and offered to AMEs to use. 

Westjet AME's chose the Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On version PN 320008B-SO, which was then purchased.  Also the arrival of B767 aircraft which had Large Bore Schrader wheel valves resulted in Westjet also purchasing the PN 32008A-SO deflators.

Singapore Airlines Chooses Auto-Deflat-Aer

The Auto-Deflat-Aer kit was designed and developed by Kestrel Engineering Ltd at the request of Singapore Airlines Engineering.  The prototype was delivered for testing and evaluation in June 2016. A number of Modifications were suggested by SIA Engineering and were incorporated in the production units.  A special adapter was designed to enable the equipment to be used on the wheel valves of the Airbus A380 aircraft.  The A380 adapter was delivered to SIA Engineering in July 2016 and tested successfully in SIA airline service.


Subsequent to the successful evaluation of the prototype unit, and the special A380 adapter, SIA Engineering ordered ten Auto-Deflat-Aer kits which were delivered in November 2016.


The units ordered by SIA Engineering are PN 320010-ABC kits which include a special A380 wheel adapter in addition to the two adapters supplied in the basic PN 320010-AB kit.

TPAerospace News.png

TPAerospace Hamburg Our Latest MRO Customer

We are pleased that TPAerospace Hamburg is the latest MRO customer to use our unique Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On tools PN 320008A-SO and 320008B-SO to improve safety for their employees and to significantly reduce the noise generated when aircraft wheels are being deflated for disassembly and servicing.

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